Richard writes about animal and plant biology, ecology, archaeology environmental research and policy, ocean science, and technology.

His work has featured in National Geographic, New Scientist, The Economist, Hakai Magazine and Sapiens, among others.


As a trained radio and podcast producer, Richard’s projects have appeared on Economist Radio, BBC World Service and SciDevNet. He also does audio consultancy and editing work, for various editorial and commercial clients.


Based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Selected clips


Fat, Not Meat, May Have Led to Bigger Hominin Brains

A new theory challenges assumptions about when and how our ancestors altered their behaviors to boost brainpower


Tending the flock

Churches preserve biodiversity


Listening for clicks

Scientists find a rare new breeding ground



Skills and training



Advanced editing skills using Avid Pro Tools; Adobe Audition

Script writer for Economist Radio

Music production basics using Logic Pro X

Experience researching, producing and editing news broadcasts, current-affairs podcasts and long-form documentaries

Photo by bogdandreava/iStock / Getty Images


Qualified film maker, trained at City University

Audio slideshows

Experience editing with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X




Trained sourcing data using FOI requests, web scraping software, APIs

Basic Python coding

Competent in data analysis using Excel; Google Refine

Able to produce interactive visualisations; maps and charts